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Cougar Dating Sites: Hook Up With Older Women

Meeting sexy older women in real life is not always easy, but these dating apps offer plenty of opportunities for cougar dating.

Best For Married Cougars

Ashley Madison

Identity-shielding features, anonymous profiles, and discreet payment options make AM the perfect place to find older married women looking for some quick, no-strings attached fun.

Ashley Madison Review

Best For Casual Hookups

Adult Friend Finder

Designed to help members fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies, AFF is my choice if you’re looking for some kinky fun with a sexy cougar lady. Live videos are my favorite feature!

Adultfriendfinder review

Best For Long-Term


eH is the site for you if you want a serious relationship. Its high-tech matching algorithm based on in-depth personality questionnaires pretty much guarantees you find a compatible mature partner!

eharmony review

Are you interested in cougar dating?

Are you wondering where to date cougars near you?

Then you are in luck! Older women, aka. cougars love dating younger men so they can feel youthful again. And young men, perhaps like yourself, get to enjoy the confidence, power, and experience these women possess.      

So, let’s take a look at this cougar dating guide.

You will learn:

  • What the best cougar dating websites are and which ones to avoid.
  • The best tips to seduce and date a cougar.
  • The best places to meet older women interested in dating younger guys.

What are the Best Cougar Dating Sites?

Dating sites are one of the best opportunities for meeting cougars. Let’s put it this way – chances are if you see a woman over the age of thirty-five on a dating site, she will at least be open to the idea of going out with a younger guy.

Here are the best cougar sites to check out:

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dating website and app aimed primarily at married individuals seeking to have an extramarital affair or singles looking to have an affair with a married person.

Anyway, there is a good chance for you to find a cougar to date on Ashley Madison!

Ashley Madison Review

Overview of Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison reached 60 million members in 2019. While it’s not exactly known how many female members the portal has, yearly membership reports show a 1:1 male to female ratio in new signups since 2018.

Many of Ashley Madison’s users are middle-aged, presenting ample opportunities for meeting older women looking for younger guys.

Most traffic comes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil.

Keep in mind that Ashley Madison is specifically geared towards those looking for affairs. If you would prefer a long-term relationship with a cougar, this probably is not the best site for you. 

In 2015, Ashley Madison gained worldwide attention when millions of its user profiles were hacked. After this hack we saw a rise in Ashley Madison competitors.

Fortunately, the brand has been successful at building up their image and reputation again with enhanced security protocols. Just make sure you use a different email from your work or personal address.

Price & Memberships

There is no monthly/annual subscription plan, and paid activities on the website are charged in terms of credits. The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper they are. 

  • 100 Credits: $59
  • 500 Credits: $169
  • 1,000 Credits: $289



  • Very popular with lots of profiles
  • Members can blur or ‘mask’ their profile picture to retain anonymity.
  • Free for women
  • The mobile app is very user-friendly
  • Does not have detailed profiles
  • Men must pay to send messages
  • No premium membership options

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the largest adult-oriented hookup site in the world. It’s geared for anyone who wants to fulfill virtually any kind of sexual fantasy: dates, one-on-one hookups, threesomes, swingers, virtual sex, and taking sex academy courses.

As you can imagine, there are definitely a few cougars seeking handsome young men prowling around here.

Adultfriendfinder review

Overview of Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has over 80 million users who come from all over the world. A majority of the users are men, but the site has not revealed what the exact ratio is.

There are some bots and fake profiles, but for the most part, the profiles are indeed real people.

Adult Friend Finder is intended to facilitate just about any kind of sexual encounter that you can think of. The site markets itself as providing a way for its members to find and fulfill their fantasies. The site may not be geared specifically for cougars only, but there are definitely older women on here.

The registration process on the site is quick and easy, and it’s free to set up an account. You need to choose a paid membership to access the features and message members.

You are also offered a plethora of sexual preference options to narrow down the results to the women you want.

Price & Memberships

Profile visits, messaging, and email features are available to basic (free) members, and you can do a lot with these.

But the fun really begins with a paid membership!

  • 1 Month: $39.95
  • 3 Months: $80.85
  • 12 Months: $239.40



  • Very reputable
  • A large and loyal member base
  • Wide range of forms for sexual self-expression
  • Excellent variety of search and communication options
  • Lacks a data-driven matching system
  • Paid membership does not cover added costs (purchased points, sex academy courses, etc.)

Cougar Life

As the name suggests, Cougar Life is a dating website that targets women in their mid-30s and up seeking younger men, as well as the younger men seeking those women.

What’s interesting is that the number of males on the site, most of whom are 18 to 34 years old, outnumber the female users.

Obviously, most of these men are at the peak of their libido and simply want a hook up with an older and sexually experienced woman.

cougar life review

Overview of Cougar Life

There are nearly 5 million US members of Cougar Life with about 150 000 weekly active users.

Around 70% of these members are males, so if you’re a young man who wants a fling with an older and mature woman, you can expect stiff competition.

The first thing you should notice about the site is its more retro feel, with bright pink colors and 1980s-inspired aesthetic. Nonetheless, the layout of the site is very user-friendly and accessible, and it has a very polished and professional look to it.

Searching for new matches is incredibly simple thanks to the Search tab that makes it easy to adjust your parameters and then see the results. The site also has a strong verification system that ensures privacy and secure transactions.

Price & Memberships

  • 1 Month: $40
  • 3 Months: $87
  • 12 Months: $144



  • Well-designed layout
  • Very user friendly
  • Good choice if you are seeking sexually experienced women looking for a hookup
  • More fake profiles than on other dating and hookup sites
  • More male members than women


PlayCougar.com is a site designed to unite cougars with their boy toys. The site specifically markets itself for those in these categories who want a short-term fling with a cougar rather than a long-term relationship. Subsequently, the site is tailored for casual dating and hookups.

playcougar review

Overview of PlayCougar.com

PlayCougar.com is a small dating site with only 300,000 members. The good news is it focuses specifically on older women and younger men who seek casual dating and sexual encounters with one another.

You can join for free and design a complete profile. When you upgrade your subscription plan to premium, you can access all of the features of the site.

The trial membership option is also available so you can see what your financial investment into premium would look like:

  • sending messages to users
  • keeping a tab on who had added you to their list
  • exchanging winks with users to indicate interest

The search algorithm makes it easy to narrow down matches based on your preferences.

Overall, PlayCougar.com offers less than most of its competitors. There are a large number of bots and fake profiles that you should be wary of.

The good news is that when you do find someone on the site, you know that they most likely are down for a hookup with you. 

Price & Memberships

  • Standard: Free
  • Premium: $24.95 a month
  • Trial membership: $7.95



  • Tailored specifically for older women and younger men seeking brief sexual relationships
  • Good choice for hookups and brief encounters if that is what you want
  • The search algorithm was tweaked/upgraded to make it easier for users to find matches that meet their preferences
  • Fewer members than other dating sites
  • A large number of bots and fake profiles
  • Not the best choice for those seeking long term relationships


eHarmony is a dating website that markets itself to people seeking a serious relationship using a compatibility matching system.

Around since 2000, this is a good website to choose if you desire a more meaningful relationship with an older woman.

eharmony review

Overview of eHarmony

With over 66 million members from countries all over the world, eHarmony is one of the largest dating sites in existence.

eHarmony claims to create 15 million matches every day, with over 600,000 marriages of members who met on the site. The ratio between men and women is almost even, with there being only slightly more men.

There’s no doubt that eHarmony has an excellent reputation, but you should be aware that most members of eHarmony are young and in the 25-34 years age range. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find older women on here, but it can be more difficult. 

It’s very easy to set your preferences to narrow down your matches on eHarmony, but there are also few communication mediums.

It’s rare you’ll find people who are not into serious commitments on here, so again if you only want a short-term fling with a cougar, you should look elsewhere.

Price & Memberships

  • 6 Months: $10.98 per month or $65.90 overall
  • 12 Months: $1.91 per month or $22.95 overall
  • 24 Months: $0.75 per month or $17.95 overall



  • Very reputable
  • Good if you’re seeking a serious relationship
  • Makes it easy to narrow down matches
  • Not the best choice if you want a fling or short relationship
  • Not a wide variety of communication mediums

Our Time

Our Time is a dating website that has been in existence since 2011. It is specifically marketed towards men and women who are in their 50s or older.

The site is also more aimed at those who seek long-term relationships and has options for users to search for marriage partners, long-term relationships, dates, friends, or even pen pals.

our time review

Overview of Our Time

Our Time has over 1.5 million members from the United States, of whom about 180,000 are active every week.

Most of these members are people who are over the age of 50, a demographic that has unfortunately been ignored by most other dating apps.

This site is marketed as a safe platform for people who are seeking love and friendship. This means the cougar you meet on OurTime is most likely here for a long-term relationship or even marriage.

It also means that she may be older than women in the 35 to 45 age range who many younger men have fantasies of sleeping with.

If you’re seeking a short-term fling with an older woman on Our Time, this may not be the website for you. But still, you can give it a shot and see what happens.

It’s at least worth checking out. The site is very user friendly and makes it easy to set up a complete profile.

Price & Memberships

  • 1 Month: $34.96
  • 6 Months: $95.76, or $15.96 a month



  • Very user friendly
  • Lots of helpful features
  • No need for a paid subscription to search for users in the area
  • Good if you’re seeking a long-term relationship
  • Scammers, bots, and fake profiles are quickly removed by moderators
  • You can’t search for users without first creating your own profile
  • Most features are not available to free members
  • Not the best place if you’re seeking a short-term fling

Cougar Sites to Avoid

While there are plenty of excellent cougar dating apps and sites that you can try out, such as the ones above, there are also a handful of such sites that you should avoid.

These are the kinds of sites that, despite claiming to have a large member pool, are actually poorly designed and filled with bots and fake profiles.

Here are the top cougar dating sites that you would be wise to avoid:


When you first visit Cougared.com, it quickly becomes clear that the site has not been updated in several years. The design and photos on the front webpage are exactly the same as they were back in 2014.

It’s not just that the design of the sign is old. It isn’t very professional in its appearance to begin with.

The entire site has a very 1990s-era layout with poor photoshop work. There are also a large number of clearly fake profiles, and you’ll get hit with lots of fake messages from bots after you sign up. You can do much better when it comes to cougar websites.


Milfaholic.com may sound like it’s a haven for meeting older women based on its name, but in reality, it suffers from the same problems as Cougared.

You’re likely to receive lots of automated messages from bots when you first sign up, and many profiles are obviously fake with little effort put into them.

This doesn’t mean it’s downright impossible to meet a woman on Milfaholic, but it will most likely be complicated. You’re better off using any of the best cougar dating apps and sites we discussed previously.


FlirtyCougars.com is another dating website where you seriously wonder when it was last updated. The site has multiple fake profiles, and as soon as you sign up, you’ll begin receiving messages from bots. You would definitely think that Flirty Cougars has potential when you begin using it as it appears to have a large database of users, but it will quickly become apparent to you what the true nature of the site is.

Cougar Dating Tips: How to Date a Cougar

cougar dating tips

Here are our top tips on how to date a cougar:

Get Her Attention

The first thing you must do is gain her attention. If you meet or know an older woman and want to gain her attention, there are a few things you can do to get her glancing at you.

First and foremost is your appearance. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, be well-groomed and well-dressed, and walk with confidence.

Secondly, make eye contact when you engage in verbal communication and talk about subjects that are actually interesting rather than just the weather.

The idea is not to show off, but rather get her recognizing you and thinking about you more.

Have An Element of Mystery To You

Women are naturally drawn to men of mystery. There are several ways you can make yourself seem more mysterious (and therefore more alluring) to women.

Maybe you’re naturally an introvert and more reserved in your general disposition, but also have a fun party side to you.

Or perhaps you work for yourself and often travel around the world, but only hint at your global exploits.

Or maybe you’re well-off financially, but few people know how you accumulated your wealth. Any of these things will get women thinking more about you in an effort to figure you out.

Engage Her In Mature and Intelligent Conversation

Older women who are more mature and experienced will appreciate a younger gentleman who can engage them in an intelligent and mature conversation seemingly beyond his years.

Talk about any adventurous moments in life you’ve had, your past dating experiences, your views on current events, and even your perspective on the dynamics that exist between men and women.

If anything, the cougar you date may be pleasantly surprised to hear a younger man in his 20s demonstrating confidence in talking about these kinds of subjects.

Don’t Play Games

Many cougars are women in their late 40s to 50s who have recently gone through a divorce and are looking to resurrect their party years with a few fun young guys before eventually finding another long-term husband.

In other words, they aren’t exactly looking to play the usual immature games that younger men and women will often play before going out.

Her time is limited before she’ll begin her search for another long-term relationship. If you want to date and spend some fun time with her, make it clear rather than dancing around the issue.

Make Her Feel Desired

The number one feeling any woman wants out of a relationship with a man is to feel desired. Make her laugh, touch her lightly on the arm or shoulder while at the bar, tell her the things you like about her, and make her feel appreciated. Make it clear that you are interested in her without directly saying so.

Frenquently Asked Questions

What is a cougar woman?

A cougar woman is generally defined as an older heterosexual woman who engages in relationships with younger men. To be more specific, cougars are usually at least thirty-five to forty years of age, and the men they date are generally at least eight to ten years their junior.

Where to find cougars to date?

The best place to meet cougars will be to try different dating sites and cougar dating apps like Ashley Madison, CougarLife.com, OurTime.com, AdultFriendFinder.com, etc.

What’s the best cougar dating website?

Ashley Madison is the best cougar dating site. It has far more women over the age of thirty-five than other popular dating services such as Tinder.
If you find an older woman on here, chances are good she’s interested in a fun and short-term fling with a younger gentleman rather than a long term romance.

Bottom Line

More and more guys are becoming interested in dating older women. Lucky for them, the availability of cougar sites and cougar apps makes it super easy to meet mature women interested in relationships with younger men.

If you fear that anyone may frown on you with an older woman, just remember that you can keep the entire affair a secret.

Or you can just not give a crap. After all, you know what they say: age is just a number.

My name is Amber, and I created this blog to teach people how to have a perfect affair. From how to choose the best secret meeting place and tips on how not to get caught to reviews of the best cheating sites available today, you'll find information about everything you need to have a sizzling and discreet affair.

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